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Welding Services Remain in High Demand in the Oilfield Industry

June, 28th - Service providers throughout the oilfield industry are in high demand in many parts of North America. Among the most valued providers ranks the welding services; every oilfield operation requires skilled welders who can tackle the toughest jobs, under the most demanding circumstances.

From pipeline and rig welding to spot repair welds, oilfield operations in any of North America's active plays offer significant opportunities for welding service providers. Welding services that have the skill, equipment and drive to explore these opportunities are likely to achieve success.

Among the most valued welding services are oil tank welding, frac water storage tank welding, pipeline welding and repair, machinery repair, hazardous welding and rig welding.

Factoring Provides Operating Capital for Welding Services

Cash flow is one of the most challenging issues facing oilfield welding service providers. When a welding service has more money going out than coming in, it can be difficult to explore the wide range of opportunities available within the industry. Unfortunately, with the costs of labor, equipment, fuel and supplies, encountering cash flow problems is a far too common occurrence for welding service providers.

Business owners looking to explore welding projects within the oilfield industry do have support available, however; invoice factoring offers the operating capital business owners need to make payroll, purchase new equipment and fuel trucks and machinery.

By factoring your welding service invoices, you can get fast cash for work you've already completed, rather than waiting 30 to 90 days to get paid by your clients. The quick and easy factoring process offers you fast capital, at affordable rates. In many cases, you can obtain cash for your completed invoices the same day you submit them.

Is factoring right for your welding business?

The factoring process benefits many oilfield welding service providers. Whether you are a fledgling business searching for capital to expand your operation, or are an established company that has encountered financial challenges, the factoring process may offer the support you need. By giving you instant cash for your invoices, the process helps you avoid negative cash flow issues, and to explore the many opportunities available to you.

Exploring the factoring process is easy - just call TCI at 800.707.4845.

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Oilfield Factoring for Gravel Haulers

We are experts in Oilfield Trucking Industry where 30 to 90-day pay terms are standard. These long pay terms create "Cash Flow Stress" for Oilfield Gravel Haulers. Our "Easy to Set Up" Factoring Lines can ease that stress by allowing Gravel Haulers to access the capital that is tied up in their Accounts Receivables. As a result of using our Oilfield Factoring service, Gravel Haulers are able to obtain the working capital they need to get caught up on bills, pay owner operators on time and make any equipment purchases necessary to take advantage of this once in a life time Oil & Gas boom.

More information on Oilfield Factoring for Gravel Haulers

At the present, the impressive growth in the oil and gas industries has facilitated the rise and expansion of many trucking companies, notably including Gravel Haulers. Gravel Haulers play an important part in the initial stages and preparation of a drilling site. After a drilling location is selected, Gravel Haulers are tasked with the delivery of an immense load of gravel. Once the land surrounding the site is cleared, this gravel is usually laid down upon the pad in a layer that is approximately 18 inches thick. Typically, gravel is laid only at pad sites that are temporary, short-term drilling locations. Conversely, more permanent drill sites are usually paved with asphalt or concentrate for more extensive durability. However, even at these permanent drill sites, Gravel Haulers provide important services that extend beyond the delivery of gravel for pad foundations.

More often than not, drill sites are located in remote, distant locations that are not accessible by existing roads. Thus, Gravel Haulers are often tasked with delivering the gravel necessary for the creation of miles of roadways connecting already existent paths with the rig location. Generally, Gravel Haulers will name Articulated Dump Trucks as their vehicle of choice. Articulated Dump Trucks are designed in manner that meets the demands of Gravel Haulers: Articulated Dump Trucks can carry loads of loose material with ease, and are also capable, as their names suggest, of dumping material into a desired location. The articulated frame of this Dump Truck model facilitates easy maneuverability and a sophisticated oscillating hitch that effectively minimizes stress on the truck's frame. Given the rough, untraveled terrain characterizing the routes of Gravel Haulers, a truck that is stable, durable, and easily navigable is ideal. Further, the relatively simple design of the Articulated Dump Truck allows for its flexibility and adaptability: Gravel Haulers may easily mount other equipment--such as water tanks, drill rigs, or special trailers--on the chassis adjacent to the rear dumping body. This ability of the Articulated Dump Truck to perform various oilfield functions allows Gravel Haulers the valuable freedom to simultaneously execute different tasks and services.

The Articulated Dump Truck used by Gravel Haulers is also designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. This model of Dump Truck allows Gravel Haulers the ability to select a 4x4 or six-wheel drive, as determined by the nature of the terrain. For this reason, Gravel Haulers often choose Articulated Dump Trucks for their ability to adapt to the muddy, often difficult climates in which Gravel Haulers necessarily must travel. Furthermore, the articulated steering technique of Articulated Dump Trucks allows for tighter, more controlled turns, and a wider range of movements. Given the inherent safety hazards associated with trucking--and specifically with Gravel Haulers that are carrying extremely heavy loads--this amplification of the operator's control of the vehicle is certainly an attractive feature for Gravel Haulers in the oilfield industry.

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